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25% Discount on Registrations by July 19, 2024

Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Effective job Development is a one-day online workshop providing career development professionals with foundational training in the fundamentals of effectively engaging employers; building subject matter expertise that is valued by the business community; coaching clients to excel in the labour market; and strategies to meet and exceed your employment goals.


The workshop will explore:

  • Organizing your job development activities and outreach

  • Setting job development goals

  • Preparing clients / students for achieving success in their job search

  • Understanding employer goals and expectations

  • Persuasive employer engagement

  • Tracking and building upon employer contacts

  • How to succeed at employment supports marketing

  • Tracking job placement success

  • Principals of placement and monitoring

  • Building subject matter expertise

  • Establishing yourself as a community resource employers seek out


This workshop provides a complete introductory training for anyone who is new to the sector but also new strategies for career professionals who wish to build on their skills and expertise.



BY JUL. 19TH, 2024*

Individuals (1-2 persons): $131.25 Discount Price*

($175.00 Regular Price)

Groups, 3-4 (per-person):

$105.00 Discount Price*

($140.00 Regular Price)

Groups, 5-9 (per-person):

$90.00 Discount Price*

($120.00 Regular Price) 

Groups, 10+ (per-person):

$67.50 Discount Price*

($90.00 Regular Price)


Tel: 604-288-2424   or



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